Premarital Counseling – A Rant

Premarital Counseling Is Garbage (Rant)

A young man shares his honest thoughts about premarital counseling.  (He thinks it is a waste of time.)  He gives a thoughtful set of reasons why it is unneccessary and is even a possible scheme just to make money. 


This may seem like an odd posting for a site that values preparation for marriage, but airing a different opinion can be helpful to clarify one’s own thoughts.  He makes a case that there is no mention of premarital counseling in the Old Testament.  Apart from the obvious argument that the times and cultures are different, let’s ask the deeper  question of how did marriges fair in the Old Testament.  And if  they did as good as today, why did that happen.

He makes a second case that he knows some folks who got married after a week and are still married about forty years later.  So, what about this?  Is marriage that much different from say forty years ago?  What makes pre marriage preparation important now, if it wasn’t needed forty years ago.

How would you respond to his “rant” either in agreement or perhaps with a counter point of view?

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