Premarital Counseling Online

This site is devoted to giving people convenient access to information that is proven to help build enduring and fulfilling marriages.

There has been a ton of research over the last fifty years about what makes marriages work and what makes marriages fail.  But only about 20% of people access the helpful findings via premarital counseling or marriage-prep education. 

There are lots of reasons for this.  Here are a few.

  • We live in a very busy and demanding time.  Who can carve our six hours to meet with a counselor.
  • We just got engaged.  Life is wonderful.  We are not experiencing any problems.
  • We don’t see any benefit to counseling or marriage preparation.  That is for people with problems.
  • We’re living together and quite happy.  Our love for each other will overcome any problems in the future.
  •  For us guys especially (this author is male) it is almost an admission of failure.  Besides, many of us male-types aren’t accustomed to talking about our relationships.  It is not a typical topic of discussion.  We just do stuff we enjoy and relationships happen or they don’t.  So the thought of going to a professional counselor to talk about marriage violates our sense of competence and doesn’t seem necessary.

 Well, this blog seeks to be a coaching resource.  Just like a football coach seeks to develop the potential of his players so they can be winners, this site is about coaching tips that will help any couple achieve success in their quest of their dream marriage.

The tips and advice come for the findings of top researchers who have identified the key concepts and skills that make marriages great. 

A good place to begin is in the Category “The Why and How of Premarital Counseling”  The articles in this group answer the question of “Why?” and then describe the four steps to “How?”.

An excellent free offering is the Free E-Course on “How to Resolve Conflict”.  I believe this to one of the fundamental skills we all need to master and want to make the Rosberg’s finding available to all.

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